The following web page is intended to provide resources to help resolve problems, obtain patches and support for DSLR Focus.

Software Updates

From here you can access the latest updates, patches and fixes for DSLR Focus. Visit the Downloads page to get up to date.


Support Group

The fastest way to obtain technical support is to join the DSLR Focus yahoo group. This group is where I will notify people about any updates or bug fixes and answer questions about the software. You can post questions and myself or many of the knowledgeable expert users in the community will answer your questions.


 Frequently Asked Questions

This contains a list of commonly asked questions and answers. Click this link to see the FAQ


 TroubleShooting Guide

This contains information on troubleshooting connectivty with your camera.Trouble


 How to Build your own Serial or Parallel Cable

This link shows you how to build your own serial or parallel cable to control long bulb exposures on your camera Instructions 

 Purchase a quality prebuilt Serial or Parallel Cable

You can purchase completed high quality fully tested serial or parallel cables online from Hap Griffin. Buy a serial or Parallel Cable now

Josef Shaefer who tranlsated the manual into german is now also selling cables to those DSLR users in europe.  Buy a serial or parallel cable in europe

Doug for Shoestring also makes a USB only bulb shutter cable. See

 South Pacific Star Party 2005 Presentation slides

These slides are in Adobe PDF format. You need adobe reader to view them.

Download here