Version 3 - Software Updates

 Latest Version for 350D/RebelXT/20D/20Da Support : 3.3.15 as of 21/01/2006

  • Download Version 3.3.15 Version - 5950kb - Note : This is a complete new install package. You must uninstall your existing version of DSLR Focus from the control panel using Add/Remove Programs. I also suggest you navigate to DSLR Focus directory and delete the entire directory before doing the new install.
  • To install, you unzip the files into a temporary directory and then run setup.exe

Download Version 3.3.15 Patch - 601kb - Note: This patch updates Version 3.3.X to version 3.3.15. You must have full version of 3.3.X installed before applying this patch. To install the patch, you unzip the files into a temporary directory and then run setup.exe. Choose your current installation directory. Say yes to overwrite the existing files.

Previous Beta Patch for 350D and 20D Support : 3.2.4

  • Download Version 3.2.4 Beta Patch - 2390kb - Note : To install the patch, you unzip the executable file and the dlls into the current installation directory. Say yes to overwrite the existing executable and DLL's.

Previous Version 3.0x

German User Manual

Italian User Manual


 Issues Fixed in Version 3.3.15 as of 21/01/2006


  • RAW files incorrectly named as CRW instead of CR2
  • DSUSB conflict with USB Optical Mouse resolved
  • Issues of large fonts causing components on some screens to be hidden is fixed.

Issues Fixed in Version 3.3.14


  • During Long exposures when ticking mirror lock checkbox in DSLR Focus, some 350D cameras would report an error that Mirror Lock on camera was not set when in fact it was.

 Issues Fixed in Version 3.3.13


  • None


  • User can now choose to disable 8 second warning message
  • Support for Shoestring Astronomy DSUSB USB Shutter Cable Added

 Issues Fixed in Version 3.3.12


  • Double Clicking empty thumb display caused application crash
  • Double Clicking empty review screen caused application crash
  • During long exposure mode with downloads to PC, thumbnail images would sometimes download as well as the main image


  • 8 second warning message does not show for 350D, 20D and 20Da
  • Application now checks to see if you have Mirror lock enabled. Gives you warnings if you have mirror lock enabled and should not
  • Improved Error Handling and logging
  • Frame Image Window is now resizable
  • During Preview mode, the current exposure status is displayed in title bar. Eg Exposure 2 of 5
  • During Full screen Preview mode the current exposure status is displayed in the top of the screen next to the file name 

  Issues Fixed in Version 3.2.4

  • 20D sometimes reports low battery when battery is fine causing an error.This patch stops this error from occuring
  • Canon 10D and 300D/Digital Rebel users do not need to download this patch but can to get features of 3.03.

 Issues Fixed in Version 3.0.3

  • Images downloaded to PC are no longer prefixed with "FV"
  • Added another 3 Com Ports to allow up to Com12 for serial ports
  • Issue with 20D and Mirror Lockup causign shutter not to fire solved 

New Features added to Version 3.0.3

  • Added a Cross Hair tool in the Frame Image window that allows you to centre objects for telescope synchronisation as well as assist with camera orientation. There is a choice of 2 crosshairs. Standard Cross Hair or Telrad type Bulls Eye.

Issues Fixed in Version 3.0.2

  • Moon Phase tool would crash with runtime error 13 for International users with decimal delimiters set to "," in regional settings. This issue effects mostly French and German users and is not required for users with english language regional settings.

Issues Fixed in Version 3.0.1

  • Font color in choose font color menu item would not cause fotn color to change unitl window was closed and re opened
  • Alarm would not sound at end of exposure automation sequences
  • Frame Image menu item was diabled unless you were in focus mode with an image open in the image display window
  • Opening an image from frame image window and choosing and image adjustment option like  Autostretch would cause an overflow error and application would crash
  • Save File Image name now defaults to "IMG"
  • If you specify a directory to download images to and then rename or delete the directory, your images when saved to the PC are lost. Valid directory name is now checked before exposure sequence starts.
  • Applying image adjustment options like Autostretch could cause previously opened image to open up.

Known Issues

  • none


Version 2 - Software Updates

Latest Patch : Version 2.7.6 as of 01/08/2004

  • Download Version 2.7.6 - Note: You must uninstall your previous version of DSLR Focus before using this version. Use your original software key to unlock the software

Issues Fixed in Version 2.7.6

  • Capture mode for Picture -> PC could often cause camera lockups. This issue is now resolved

New Features in Version 2.7.6

  • Version 2.7.6 allows users to users without Serial or Parallel Cables. ie USB only to use the exposure sequencing feature to automate a series of sub 30 second exposures

Known Issues

  • Need to make sure that if you use a serial or parallel cable that you do not plug them into the camera until you are in the long exposure control window