DSLR Focus Version 3 - full version


 DSLR Focus Version 2.x - Version 3 Upgrade
(requires valid V 2.x  key)



IMPORTANT - Software Delivery Notes - Read before ordering

  1. Orders placed between now and 2nd January WILL NOT be processed till 2nd January 2011. This means you wont get a key until after 2nd January 2011. 
  2. The software download link and key is delivered to you via email. For this reason it is your responsibility to make sure you enter the correct email address in Paypal. This is the only method I have of communication with you once you place an order. I would also suggest you add the following email address to your "white list" if using anti spam software. Often the software is sent to people who days later find the email in their spam email box.
  3. If you have made an order and have not received a response from me within 24 hours I suggest you check your spam folder and then send me an email. 
  4. You will recieve a reciept of your payment from Paypal shortly after ordering. If you do not, then double check your email address that is registered with Paypal.
  5. In case you missed the supported Cameras on the front page, the following are supported Canon D60, 10D and EOS300D Digital Rebel, Canon 20D , 350D/Rebel XT, 20Da. The 5D, 400D/Rebel XTi and 30D.450D,50D,500D etc.. are NOT supported yet but will eventually be. Windows Vista is also not a supported OS